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Methods and Characteristics of Electrophoretic Metal Coating

Methods of Electrophoretic Metal Coating

Due to the different nature of electrophoretic metal coating itself, it is divided into two kinds: anodic electrophoretic metal coating and cathodic electrophoretic metal coating.

The functional group of anodic electrophoretic coating contains hydroxyl group, and after neutralisation with organic amine or alkali, it is water-soluble or water-dispersible, and dissociates into negatively-charged particles in water, which are deposited with the coated object as the anode in electrophoretic metal coating, which is called anodic electrophoretic metal coating.

Characteristics of Electrophoretic Metal Coating

Compared with electrostatic spraying and powder coating, electrophoretic metal coating has very significant features:

The utilisation rate of the coating is very high, generally above 95%, such as using ultra-filtration device for recovery, the utilisation rate can be as high as 98%.

The thickness of the coating film is uniform and the bonding force is strong; it is easy to get the film thickness of uniform target by adjusting the power. Relying on the choice of electrophoretic paint varieties and adjusting the parameters of the swimming coating process, unlike the dip method, the coating film between the gaps does not produce the phenomenon of "dissolving off" during drying.

High film hardness, generally up to 3H-4H (pencil hardness tester).

good penetration, in the parts of the inner cavity, weld can be evenly coated; so that spraying, dip coating and other painting method can not paint the parts and paint difficult to enter the parts can be coated with paint, and the film between the gaps in the drying will not be washed away by the steam, so that the workpiece of the inner cavity, welds, edges and other places of the corrosion resistance is significantly improved.

The anti-corrosion performance is very good, if the film thickness is more than 25μm, the neutral salt spray test can reach more than 500h, and no obvious corrosion will occur.

The appearance of electrophoretic coating film is good, it is not easy to droop and does not produce the phenomenon of hanging (hanging paint). The water content of the coating film obtained from electrophoretic metal coating is less, and the solvent content is also less, so it will not produce the disadvantages such as flow marks, dissolved drop, and paint accumulation in the drying process as other paints do, and the drying time can be short, and it can be directly put into the high temperature drying.

Due to the use of water-soluble coatings, non-combustible, safety is greatly improved, the operator's health hazards.

It reduces the pollution to the environment, and the pollution to the air and water is very small; compared with other water-soluble coatings, the solvent content is less and due to the low concentration, the solvent content is low again, and it is less polluting to the water quality and the atmosphere, and the electrophoretic coating adopts the UF and RO devices to realise the fully closed washing after electrophoresis, which can greatly reduce the amount of wastewater treatment.

Automated production can be realised and production efficiency can be improved; it is possible to realise production line from pre-treatment of paint to drying of electrophoretic primer, which is suitable for large quantity of continuous production in flowing water.

It can be combined with electroplating, so that the metal surface can get all kinds of coloured coating film with strong sense of metal, and the anti-corrosion and use functions become more perfect, which promotes the development of surface treatment technology.

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