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American Scientific Research Has Found A Fast And Effective Processing Method Of Low-Temperature Titanium Alloy

The application of Titanium

Titanium is widely used in the aerospace industry because of its high strength and low density. However, compared with steel, aluminum, and other metals, its hot processing cost is high and it is at a disadvantage in the economy. Researchers at Florida International University have found a fast and effective low-temperature titanium alloy processing method, which reduces the heat required by 50%, which provides greater potential for the research of new titanium matrix composites. 

Titanium matrix composite

Using the manufacturing method of powder metallurgy, the researchers applied the environment of low temperature (up to 650 ℃) and high pressure (up to 555 MPa) simultaneously in spark plasma sintering (SPS), and finally obtained the high-density parts, which are similar to the titanium alloy parts treated at high temperature in mechanical properties and structural functions. This finding is attributed to the "high pressure-assisted mass transfer and induced plastic deformation mechanism" in the alloy processing process. Through electron microscope observation, the researchers found that at low temperatures, the pressure on the alloy powder particles exceeded its plastic limit and promoted its densification. 

Titanium matrix composites are considered to be more favorable for processing at low temperatures. This research result not only provides an alternative method for high-temperature titanium processing but also provides favorable conditions for the development of titanium matrix composites.

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