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What Are The Characteristics Of CNC Machining?

Process concentration, automation, high flexibility, and strong capabilities are the characteristics of CNC machining. The process rules of CNC machining and traditional machine tool machining are generally consistent, but there have also been significant changes. So what are the characteristics of CNC machining?

Process concentration

CNC machine tools generally have tool holders and tool magazines that can automatically change tools. The tool changing process is automatically controlled by the program, so the process is relatively concentrated. Process concentration brings huge economic benefits:

1. Reduce the floor space of the machine tool and save the workshop.

2. Reduce or no intermediate links (such as intermediate testing of semi-finished products, temporary storage and handling, etc.), which saves time and manpower.


During CNC machining, there is no need to manually control the tool, and the degree of automation is high. The benefits are obvious.

1. The requirements for operators are reduced: a senior worker of an ordinary machine tool can not be trained in a short time, while a CNC worker who does not need programming has a very short training time (for example, a CNC lathe worker needs a week, and he can also write simple processing program). Moreover, the parts processed by CNC workers on CNC machine tools have higher precision and save time than those processed by ordinary workers on traditional machine tools.

2. Reduce the labor intensity of workers: CNC workers are excluded from the processing process most of the time during the processing process, which is very labor-saving.

3. Stable product quality: The processing automation of CNC machine tools eliminates human errors such as fatigue, carelessness, and estimation of workers on ordinary machine tools, and improves product consistency.

4. High processing efficiency: The automatic tool change of CNC machine tools makes the processing process compact and improves labor productivity.

High flexibility

Traditional general-purpose machine tools have good flexibility, but low efficiency; and traditional special machines, although high in efficiency, have poor adaptability to parts, high rigidity and poor flexibility, making it difficult to adapt to the fierce competition in the market economy. Products are frequently modified. As long as the program is changed, new parts can be processed on the CNC machine tool materials, and the operation can be automated, with good flexibility and high efficiency, so the CNC machine tool can well adapt to market competition. Click for CNC material suppliers for CNC material list.

Strong ability

Machine tools can accurately machine various contours, and some contours cannot be machined on ordinary machine tools. CNC machine tools are especially suitable for the following occasions:

1. Parts that are not allowed to be scrapped.

2. Development of new products.

3. Processing of urgently needed parts.

Compared with traditional machine tool processing, CNC machining parts has changed a lot, and the efficiency has also been greatly improved, which is also the advantage brought by the continuous development of science and technology.

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