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What Is CNC Process? CNC Machining Process Design Principles

The maximum concentration of CNC machining process, a positioning principle

Generally in the CNC machine tools, especially in the machining center on the processing parts, the process can be maximally concentrated, that is, the parts in a clamping should be completed as far as possible most or all of the processes that can be processed by this CNC machine tool. CNC machining tends to process concentration, can reduce the number of machine tools and workpiece clamping times, reduce unnecessary positioning errors, high productivity. For the coaxiality requirements of the hole system processing, should be installed at a time, through the sequence of consecutive tool changes to complete the same axis hole system of all processing, and then processing other coordinate positions of the hole, in order to eliminate the impact of repeated positioning errors, improve the coaxiality of the hole system.

CNC machining first coarse and then fine principle

According to the processing accuracy of the OEM CNC machining parts, rigidity and deformation and other factors dividing the process, CNC machining should follow the principle of rough and finish machining separately to divide the process. Rough machining should be in the quality of processing, tool durability and machine tool process system rigidity allowed by the conditions, give full play to the performance of the machine tool and tool cutting performance, try to use a greater depth of cut, less cutting times to get before the finishing of the various parts of the residual as uniform as possible processing conditions, that is, rough machining can quickly remove most of the machining residual, as far as possible to reduce the number of tool walking, shorten the rough machining time. The roughing process can quickly remove most of the machining allowance, minimize the number of tooling, and reduce the roughing time.

Finishing mainly to ensure the accuracy of parts processing and surface quality, so usually finishing the final contour of the parts by the last knife continuous finishing. In order to ensure the quality of processing, in general, finishing allowance to leave 0.2 ~ 0.6mm is appropriate. Between roughing and finishing, it is best to space out a period of time, so that the deformation of the parts after roughing is fully recovered, and then finish machining to improve the machining accuracy of the parts.

CNC machining first near and then far, first face after the principle of hole

According to the distance of the processing part relative to the size of the tooling point, in general, the part near the tooling point is processed first, the part far from the tooling point after processing, in order to shorten the tool travel distance, reduce the empty travel time. For turning, first near then far is also conducive to maintaining the rigidity of the blank or semi-finished product and improving its cutting conditions. For both milling plane and boring parts of the processing, can be milled first plane after boring order. Because milling plane cutting force is larger, the parts are prone to deformation, milling surface after boring, so that it has a period of time to recover, and then boring after its recovery from deformation, is conducive to ensuring the accuracy of hole processing, and secondly, if the first boring after milling plane, the orifice will produce burrs, flying edge, affecting the assembly of the hole.

CNC machining first inside and then outside, inside and outside the principle of cross

For both the inner surface, and the outer surface of the parts to be processed, the processing order should usually be arranged for the first processing of the inner surface, after processing the outer surface, should be the first inside and outside surface rough machining, after the inner and outer surface finishing. Usually in a clamping, not a part of the part on the surface after processing, and then processing the other surface of the part.

CNC machining tool minimum number of calls principle

During the OEM CNC machining, in order to reduce the number of tool changes, compress the empty range time, should be used by tool to divide the process and work steps. That is, the tool can be concentrated by the process of processing parts. In order to reduce the tool change time, the same tool process as concentrated as possible, as far as possible with the same tool to finish processing the same cutting part on the surface of the part, in order to avoid the same tool for multiple calls, installation. That is, in a clamping, as far as possible with the same tool to process all the parts of the finished part need to be processed with the tool, and then change the second tool to process other parts.

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