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cnc plastic machining
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CNC Plastic Machining

The characteristics of CNC plastic machining material are defined by the melting point temperature (150 ° to 450 °) and the use environment (ordinary plastics and engineering plastics). When CNC is processing plastic products of plastic CNC service, the material deformation and the cooperation of tooling and fixture shall be considered, We have standard operating procedures for different materials, such as tool feed and machine speed, and fully consider the novelty of materials and processing efficiency. Among them, PC, PVC, and other low melting point materials can be used as common injection moulding raw materials to process the precision plastic machining products we use daily, such as mobile phone shells, water cups, tableware, and so on, we are determined to provide high-quality China CNC plastic machining products and CNC machining services China for you, contact us!

Different CNC Plastic Machining Services Materials

Name of plasticsAcronym  (Amorphous)Subdivision modelName of plasticsAcronym                   
Subdivision modelOperating temperature range

U-60/U60CF, Statimax810, Statimax820

PolyamideimidePAIPAI4203, PAI 4301, PAI 5530-180°~350°
PolyetherimidePEIPEI 1000    PEI1010Aromatic polyesterPEEK/PEK/PKPEEK-1000, PEEK-HPV, PEEK-GF30, PEEK-CA30
Polyphenylene sulfone resinsPPSU-Polyphenylene sulfidePPSA503, A504, A604, A310, A670, A660, A756MX02
PolysulfonePSU-Poly tetra fluoroethylenePTFE-
PolycarbonatePC-Polyethylene terephthalatePET-P-50°~180°
PolyphenyleneOxidePPO/PPE-Polyacetal/DelrinPOMPOM-C/H       POM-H+PTFE
PolyacrylonitrileAcrylic-PolyamidePAPA6, PA66, PA1000

ultra-high molecular weight polyethyleneUHMW PE-
Acrylonitrile Butadiene StyreneABS777D, 777B, 758, 765B, 747, 757PolypropylenePPM1600, M800E, J340, HJ730, K8303, K1011
PolystyrenePS-Low Density PolyethyleneLDPE-
Polyvinyl chloridePVC-High Density PolyethyleneHDPE-

Why Choose Richconn as Your CNC Plastic Machining Manufacturer?

Richconn, as a CNC plastic machining factory, provides CNC plastic machining and plastic machining services to food manufacturing, instrumentation and materials handling industries. Our rapidly growing reputation has made CNC plastic parts our fastest-growing division. We employ the latest in CNC turning, milling, routing, cutting & associated machine and technology.

CNC Plastic Machining Services Applications

Medical Devices

CNC plastic machining is an excellent choice for medical devices and components due to the inherent precision afforded by the method. Medical device manufacturers trust CNC precision plastic machining to produce identical, intricate parts reliably. CNC plastic cutting and plastic CNC service meet the demands of medical device requirements.  

Food And Beverage Industry Parts 

CNC machining helps engineers achieve a delicate balance. Food and beverage industry manufacturers need CNC machining plastic parts that are tough enough to work around the clock, but safe and gentle enough to come into contact with the foods people eat every day.    

Semiconductor Parts

Semiconductive parts are used in a range of electronic devices, including diodes, integrated circuits, transistors, and more. They are shockproof, typically compact, and can last almost a lifetime. Building these parts would not be possible without precision plastic CNC machining. Semiconductor parts and assemblies are often highly intricate and demand extremely tight tolerances and high-polish surface finishes. The precision and mechanical strength enabled by CNC plastic machining make this process ideal for the production of such parts. China CNC plastic machining produces tough parts with excellent electrical properties, which is ideal for applications such as electrical insulators, small circuits, gaskets, and watertight seals.         

Automotive Industry                                                   

Automobiles require parts that can withstand various environments and levels of stress. With the CNC plastic machining of various high-performance plastics, the use of CNC plastic parts has greatly increased. Ranging from the car's exterior to the chassis, machinists utilize different plastics in making components of automobiles. Also, plastic is a good source for prototyping new car parts to be integrated into cars. Due to their ease of machining, the cycle time will be faster, and the manufacturer can bring innovations to the market earlier. 

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