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Is Ntpt Carbon Fiber A Gimmick Or A Manifestation Of Value?

NTPT Carbon Fiber History

When it comes to NTPT carbon fiber, we have to start with its past and present, NTPT, or North Thin Ply Technology, is a Swiss company known for its excellence in the field of high-performance composites. The company focuses on the development of innovative materials technology, and NTPT carbon fiber is one of its proud masterpieces.

The story of NTPT carbon fiber begins with its unique manufacturing process. At high temperatures and pressures, nanocarbon fibers are injected and compressed to form an isotropic material. This means excellent mechanical, physical and chemical stability in all directions. This particular carbon fiber is not only extremely strong and lightweight, but also exhibits impressive durability and corrosion resistance.

NTPT carbon fibre was originally developed for the racing sector and is used in the manufacture of sailing gear. Its excellent lightness and durability make it shine in nautical sports. Gradually, this advanced material began to penetrate other fields, becoming ideal for automotive, aerospace, and luxury manufacturing.

Of course, when we talk about NTPT carbon fiber, we can't avoid one person: Audemars Piguet .

Audemars Piguet

When it comes to carbon fiber watches, we have to mention Audemars Piguet. Audemars Piguet is definitely the ancestor of carbon used in watches. In those days, bumblebees were hard to find. This is also the first time that forged carbon has been affirmed by the public.

NTPT carbon fiber highlight field is in the luxury watch, and let it thunder on behalf of the brand is Richard Miller, when the price can reflect its luxury taste, around the application of this material is infinitely possible amplification, high-end jewelry, personalized customization products let it get a veritable "gold material" synonym. Let's briefly introduce the production process.

Forged carbon


Forged carbon fiber is a relatively complex process that involves mixing carbon fiber with other materials to form a paste-like mixture, which is then placed in a specific mold where it is compressed and preheated at very high temperatures and pressures. Then, at a high temperature of 2400°C and a high pressure of 7500N/cm2, an isotropic material compressed by nano-carbon fibers is injected until a forged carbon fiber material with the desired shape and properties is formed. Finally, the forged carbon fiber is heat treated to obtain the final properties of the material, such as strength, stiffness, and corrosion resistance.

Because this special carbon material has a plasticity that allows very small shape changes, it also has special mechanical properties suitable for embedding metal components.

APRP (Audemars Piguet Renaud & Papi), a think-tank of Audemars Piguet, has continuously upgraded the carbon material after inheriting the technology of forging carbon.

Coupled with the strong support of Audemars Piguet for Richard Miller, the material of ntpt appeared in many watch models of Richard Miller.


Among many innovations and bold attempts, the watch case made of carbon fiber of ntpt (thin layer composite technology) is the most successful.

Ntpt carbon fiber

Ntpt carbon fiber was originally developed for rowing. The sails made of ntpt carbon fiber are highly durable and light.

Precision CNC

The composite material composed of multi-layer parallel filaments divided by carbon fiber is also used in the F1 racing chassis.

Precision CNC Machining

Of course, some people say that this is a pure gimmick. This complex function has no practical significance, but it is actually the embodiment of brand technology and the essential value of wristwatches.

CNC Precision

Today, maritime also fully applies ntpt carbon fiber technology to show the value of high-end brands.

The surface of ntpt carbon fiber shows a natural grain similar to wood grain. The thickness of the woven layer is changed by 45 ° per weft, which produces a special visual effect.


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