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Richconn 2023 Chinese New Year Holiday Notice

November 29, 2022

Chinese New Year is approaching! We would like to remind you that Richconn will be on holiday to celebrate our Chinese New Year. For your convenience in arranging your project, please note our holiday schedule and other important information below.


Important Dates to Notice


Closed from Jan. 18, 2023 – Jan. 28, 2023

Operations will resume as usual on Jan. 29, 2023


Closed from Jan. 15, 2023 – Jan. 29, 2023

Operations will resume as usual on Jan. 30, 2023


About Ordering

During the holiday period, you can still Place Your Order as usual, but the delivery date will be delayed.

If you have any urgent requests, kindly contact your sales engineer or send an email to But we may take longer than usual to reply to your messages.

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