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Custom Machined Parts Materials

Custom Machined Parts Materials

CNC machining has not too many restrictions on CNC material list. Common plastics, metals, or special materials can be processed, but the processing difficulty is different, the selection of CNC machining cutting tools material and the processing parameters of machine tools are different, and the processing cost is different. In the process of design and R & D, many researchers will rely on experience to select the CNC machining materials of parts, which is reasonable and avoids most mistakes. However, it will also make products without innovation and at a high cost, and become invariable and uncompetitive products. We have experience in processing product parts from all walks of life. Our company have a good understanding of the characteristics of various CNC materials for CNC machine tools materials. Among metals, aluminium alloy is the most suitable for machining, free cutting, and die steel, and tool steel is the most difficult. Ordinary plastics are easy to process, but deformation and other factors should be considered. The hardness and deformation of special plastics are different. R & D of CNC machining material and design need to comprehensively consider and select materials according to local conditions. We are not only an CNC machining supplier but also provide ODM services (including but not limited to design consulting services).

CNC Machining Materials Selection Guide

A good product is the highest preferential treatment to most customers, and the goal of the product is our greatest pursuit. If you have a great idea (product) and detailed design, but you don't know how to choose the most appropriate CNC machining material for the parts in the product. Here, we will provide you with some help in CNC material selection. This information is also the key factor in our automotive CNC machining. Making the whole industrial chain supporting orderly will make a product shine.

This guide will provide some CNC machine tools materials properties and processing elements so that you can choose the ideal material for CNC machine: 

  •  Deeply summarize the product service environment, service life, performance, appearance requirements, and product market demand quantity; These factors will be your first step in choosing the right material for CNC machine. 

  • The use environment is an important factor to test the CNC machining material of product parts. Temperature, humidity, pH, and their variation range are important considerations in the selection of CNC material. 

  • Each CNC machining material has a life cycle. The internal structure and external environment of the CNC machining materials will consume the natural color of the material, especially the moving parts such as gears, bearings, shafts, oil, and gas pressure cylinders, and so on. When selecting the part materials of these key parts, we should focus on the material characteristics to match the production requirements. 

  • Product performance and appearance are the most intuitive experience to reflect product quality. An excellent product must have excellent performance and exquisite appearance, ranging from aircraft to mobile phones. Finally, brand and quality enhance the value of the product.

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