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Six Key Points of CNC Machining

Many manufacturers know that in the process of CNC machining center, it is crucial to avoid collisions when programming and operating the machine tool. After all, CNC machining centers are not cheap, so it's important to save money and avoid expensive repairs. However, collisions during machining follow certain patterns. In order to minimize losses, Richconn-CNC has summarized the following points:

Using computer simulation CNC machining center simulation system

With the development of computer technology and the expansion of CNC machining teaching, there are more and more CNC machining simulation systems, which are becoming increasingly sophisticated. They can be used to check programs and observe tool movements to determine whether collisions are possible.

Using the simulation display function of the CNC machining center

Most advanced CNC machining centers have graphic display functions. When the program is input, the simulation display function can be called to observe the movement of tools in detail to check whether collisions between tools and workpieces or fixtures are possible.

Using the air run function of the CNC machining center

The air run function of the CNC machining center can be used to check the correctness of tool paths. After the program is input to the CNC machining center, the tool or workpiece can be installed, and then the air run button can be pressed. At this time, the main spindle does not rotate, and the worktable runs automatically along the programmed path. This can help to detect whether collisions between the tool and workpiece or fixture are possible. However, it is important to ensure that the workpiece is not installed when the tool is installed, and vice versa, as collisions can occur.

Utilizing the lock function of CNC machining centers

Most CNC machining centers have a lock function (full lock or single axis lock). After inputting the program, the Z-axis can be locked, and potential collisions can be detected through the coordinate value of the Z-axis. This function should be avoided during operations such as tool changes, as it may prevent the program from running.

Setting the correct coordinate system and tool compensation is crucial

When starting a CNC machining center, the reference point of the center must be set. The working coordinate system of the center must match the one used during programming, especially in the Z-axis direction. If an error occurs, the possibility of the milling cutter colliding with the workpiece is very high. Additionally, the tool length compensation must be set correctly; otherwise, it may result in either empty machining or collisions.

Improving programming skills

Programming is a crucial part of OEM CNC machining, and enhancing programming skills can largely avoid unnecessary collisions.

Since its establishment, Shenzhen Richconn Technology Co.,Ltd has been committed to the mission of "pursuing excellence and surpassing oneself" and the vision of "competing with the world based on services." Through continuous improvement and growth, we have become a reliable CNC China company with professional machining capabilities, producing one million parts annually with 150 sets of equipment and a comprehensive quality control program. Through meticulous, speedy, and high-quality services, we help our clients to grow and solve their supply chain problems. Please feel free to contact us for any inquiries!

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