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CNC Turning Process And Process Analysis

The content of CNC turning process

The CNC turning process is the sum of the methods and technical means used when CNC lathes are used to process parts. Its main contents include the following aspects:

(1) Select and determine the CNC turning content of the parts;

(2) Analysis of CNC turning processing technology for part drawings;

(3) Selection and adjustment design of tools and fixtures;

(4) Design of working procedures and steps;

(5) Calculation and optimization of machining trajectory;

(6) Compilation, verification and modification of CNC turning programs;

(7) Trial CNC machining processing of the first piece and handling of on-site problems;

(8) Compile technical documents of CNC machining process; in short, there are many CNC machining process contents, some of which are similar to ordinary machine tool processing.

Analysis of CNC turning process

Process analysis is the pre-process preparation for CNC turning. Whether the process is reasonable or not has an important impact on the compilation of the program, the machining efficiency of the CNC machine tools materials and the machining accuracy of the parts. In order to compile a reasonable and practical machining program, programmers are required not only to understand the working principle, performance characteristics and structure of CNC lathes. Master the programming language and programming format, and also master the workpiece processing technology, determine the reasonable cutting amount, and correctly select the tool and workpiece clamping method. Therefore, we should follow the general process principles and combine the characteristics of CNC lathes to conduct a careful and detailed analysis of the CNC turning process. Its main contents include: analyzing the processing requirements and rationality of the parts according to the drawings; determining the clamping method of the workpiece on the CNC lathe; the processing sequence of each surface, the feed route of the tool, and the selection of the tool, fixture and cutting amount, etc.

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