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How do you charge for sleeve parts machining?

Sleeve parts machining charges will be involved in the structural design, machining process, hole size, material selection and other requirements, any one of the different processing needs will lead to a great difference in price, so the need for a relatively accurate quote must provide a complete design drawings, engineers will be based on the design of the drawings labeled materials, dimensions, process, accuracy, structure, table at the detailed parameters such as calculating the accurate quote. If you have already designed the drawings can be uploaded in Richconn, Richconn's CNC machining engineers can quickly provide you with accurate quotes.

The following are some key matters about the processing of sleeve parts, which are also important factors affecting the price;

① Material cost:

The first thing to consider is the cost of the material used, different types of metal, alloy or plastic materials have different prices. Material selection criteria is the first to take into account the environment in which the parts are used, the harsh environment of the material requirements will be more stringent, followed by the consideration of more economical alternative products.


② Processing process complexity:

If the processing of parts is more complex, requiring multiple steps, multiple processes or special tools, then the cost may increase accordingly. Often times it seems like a simple part for

Why so expensive? In fact, the complexity of the process is an extremely unintuitive charges, which is only understood by those who know the industry, so the factory in the offer is also necessary to explain clearly with customers.

③ Production batch:

Batch production usually reduces the cost per unit part because the setup and preparation costs of the production line can be amortized over more parts. Therefore, any factory is sampling is very expensive batch production will be much cheaper, speed plus in the solution to the problem of sampling expensive to provide a good program; is sampling according to the normal offer charges, when the customer sampling product validation in the speed plus batch production can be directly subtracted from the cost of the previous sampling.


④ processing equipment:

The type and precision of processing equipment used will also affect the price. More advanced and precise equipment may increase the cost, but usually can provide higher quality parts.

⑤ Labor costs and design requirements:


Operating the equipment, overseeing the production process, and quality control all require labor input, so labor costs are also a consideration. If the part has special design requirements, such as close tolerances, special surface treatments or coatings, this may also affect processing costs.

⑥ Delivery deadlines:

If parts need to be machined urgently and delivered on short notice, additional overtime or expedited production may be required, resulting in higher costs.

⑦ Market conditions:

Current market supply and demand and competitive conditions can also affect prices.

The most common practice is to contact the precision machine shop with detailed specifications and requirements for the part so they can provide you with an accurate quote. Different manufacturers may have different pricing strategies, so it is best to consult with more than one manufacturer for better comparison and selection.

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