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How to Go About Choosing an Aluminum Alloy Mechanical Keyboard Shell Processing Manufacturer?

For computer enthusiasts, the mechanical keyboard's metal texture and the sound of that mechanical equipment is a keyboard users a kind of enjoyment, mechanical keyboard bezel styling design is one of my favorite hardware configurations, especially glazed, computer typing is very indulgent. Nowadays DIY keyboard has become a great pleasure for computer enthusiasts, design program preferences are increasingly very important. Sometimes, picking a suitable keyboard frame this is such a headache. In the next few minutes, Richconn will show you the advantages of aluminum keyboard cases and how to choose one.

After we introduce you to the DIY aluminum mechanical keyboard case, you will know more about it. We don't just cover everything you want to know about aluminum mechanical enclosures, we also provide you with our quality precision manufacturing services to make your DIY journey smoother.

Before we start we have to understand what we mean by keyboard casing and mechanical frame?

The aluminum alloy keyboard shell we often talk about is a CNC machined customized shell on the alloy, usually with keycaps. The keyboard is just one way we connect in communication. It can be said that the key to keyboard protection is as important as the keyboard.


What are the advantages of choosing aluminum alloy for mechanical keyboard housing?

In fact, the trend of aluminum alloy has long become one of the most important metal materials in electronic devices. The development of aluminum alloy is due to its specific advantages.

Light weight

Aluminum is relatively light in comparison with other metal materials. For example, it is three times lighter than steel.


Aluminum is easy to recycle. Therefore, it is best to consider applying aluminum. Recycling means that you can reuse it again if necessary.

Heat dissipation

We know that electronic products get hot when they are used for a long time, so we consider heat dissipation when choosing materials. Aluminum enclosures are able to dissipate heat from the keyboard's structure better. Since aluminum removes heat faster than other metals, this means that you can use this type of keyboard case anywhere.


Advantages of anodized aluminum keyboard cases

Picking the right keyboard is likely to be tough for you. As a result, it is considered just the right amount of important to fully consider the benefits of aluminum keyboard cases. The benefits of aluminum keyboard cases include but are not limited to the following.

Versatility in appearance

The anodized finish of the aluminum keyboard case not only provides excellent scratch resistance, but also comes in a wide variety of colors, which enhances the artistic beauty of the product.

Rust prevention treatment

After anodizing, the aluminum alloy reflects with gas and gives a rust-proof treatment layer. This means that rusting is not a problem for the keyboard case.


Aluminum keyboard cases are more durable than their counterparts. As a matter of fact, aluminum keyboard housings stand up to the wear and tear of time, while remaining strong at the same time.


Which type of aluminum alloy is best suited for keyboard cases?

Aluminum is a chemical molecule obtained from the right rock formations. Aluminum also comes with an aluminum alloy that makes it popular for keyboard case applications. This represents the fusion of two or more diverse metallic materials to produce the raw material. For the sake of understanding, want me to categorize aluminum profiles by their physical characteristics. Some of the most commonly used types of aluminum are:

6061 aluminum

You are able to call 6061 aluminum all-purpose. 6061 aluminum has been on the sales market. It has made it a popular choice for manufacturers. 6061 aluminum is a better choice for making keyboard cases. It has excellent compressive strength, moderator corrosion, high weldability and craftability. In situations where compressive strength and corrosion resistance are essential elements, 6061 aluminum is the preferred choice. Their excellent surface treatment also makes them a stronger choice for customers.

6063 Aluminum

This type is basically similar to the 6061 type. Though this is basically similar to 6061, it is more suitable for the main purpose of engineering and construction. They are also used for exterior and interior design solutions.

5052 Aluminum

5052 also has exceptional qualities. Like 6061, it has greater smoothness and corrosion resistance. The drawback of this type of aluminum is that it cannot be manufactured. The heat treatment process is not a solution for this type of aluminum.

Other types of aluminum, such as 5053, 7075, and 6053, can also be used to make keyboard housings, but they are not as common.


In our combing of aluminum alloy mechanical keyboard, you should know some understanding of the mechanical frame of aluminum alloy, choose aluminum alloy mechanical keyboard shell is not only we for the appearance of the wonderful, we have to go to the choice of his materials, functionality and environmental protection and post-processing of the comprehensive consideration.

CNC turning service or CNC milling service can be used for small quantities, and die-casting + CNC machining is used for large quantities. No matter how much quantity you need, we have the corresponding cost-effective solutions.

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