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Five Axis CNC Machining Features and Advantages

Five-axis machining machines can quickly and efficiently manufacture complex milled parts in small batches from a variety of materials. Using five-axis precision machining is often a more efficient way to manufacture difficult parts with multi-angle features.

Five-axis CNC machining improves cutting state and cutting conditions

As the cutting tool moves towards the tip or edge of the workpiece, the cutting state gradually deteriorates. To maintain optimal cutting conditions, a rotating table is required. If the irregular plane is to be completely machined, it is also necessary to rotate the table several times in different directions. The deflection of the tool in the five-axis CNC machining machine can avoid the situation that the cutting speed of the center point of the ball end mill is 0, and obtain better surface quality.

The five-axis CNC machining production chain and production cycle shorten

The five-axis CNC machine tool performs sidewall processing through the deflection of the spindle head, which does not require multiple parts clamping, which effectively reduces the positioning error, improves the processing accuracy, and shortens the manufacturing chain. In aerospace, automotive and other fields, with high flexibility, high precision, high integration and complete processing capabilities, it can well solve the precision and cycle problems of complex parts processing in the process of new product development, greatly shorten the development cycle and improve the quality of new products. 

Five-axis CNC machining efficiency improvement and interference elimination

For the processing of impellers, blades and steep sidewalls of molds, three-axis CNC machine tools cannot meet the processing requirements, while five-axis CNC machine tools can be controlled by the spatial attitude angle of the tool axis to complete such processing content. At the same time, short tools can be used to machine deep cavities, which can effectively improve the rigidity of the system, reduce the number of tools, avoid special tools, and expand the scope of use of general tools, thereby reducing production costs. For some inclined surfaces, five-axis CNC machining can use the tool side edge to complete the sidewall cutting of the part by circumferential milling, thereby improving machining efficiency and surface quality. The three-axis CNC machining relies on the layered cutting and subsequent grinding of the tool to approach the inclined surface.

Five-axis CNC machining for complex models

Five-axis CNC machining is often used to quickly complete complex prototypes or low-volume parts, machining precision parts from solid billets in a variety of industries, because they are often much stronger than parts made from multiple parts, using five-axis precision machining means you can speed up the manufacturing process by reducing setup time and machine features on different sides.

CNC milling operation with five-axis CNC machining speeds up the manufacturing process of complex precision parts, revolutionizing industry machining efficiency. It also allows designers to consider previously impossible or uneconomical designs, and quality parts that can be produced in solid billet, rather than cast workpieces with associated drawbacks. For example, impellers, extruder screws, turbine blades and propellers with demanding geometries can be machined from any solid material that can be machined using high-performance carbide tools. Almost any shape and geometry is possible.

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