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Custom Wholesale professional PVD coating companies
Custom Wholesale professional PVD coating companies
pvd coating companies
custom pvd coating

Custom PVD Coating Service

As a professional PVD coated stainless steel companies, we offer our customers a wide selection of PVD coated stainless steel. Our PVD coated stainless steel is made using Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) technology, a process that creates metal vapors (including titanium, chromium, and aluminum) that can be deposited on the surface of electrically conductive materials to form extremely thin and highly adherent coatings of pure metals or alloys. The process is carried out in a vacuum chamber using a cathodic arc source.

Why Opt for PVD Coated?

  • PVD coating stands out as one of the most effective methods for enhancing the plating of thin film elements. Through vacuum deposition, a 0.1-0.3 micron-thick film is applied to the product's surface.

  • PVD coatings outperform traditional electroplated coatings, offering enhanced corrosion resistance and greater hardness.

  • PVD metal treatment maintain their color and luster, remaining less susceptible to discoloration or tarnishing even when exposed to UV radiation.

  • Environmentally friendlier compared to conventional coating methods like electroplating or painting.

Why Choose Richconn for PVD Coating Services?

Richconn's PVD-coated stainless steel employs innovative techniques that yield significantly harder and more durable PVD-colored coatings. While the standard coating deposition process results in a 0.1-0.2 micron-thick film, we go above and beyond, creating a thicker layer for superior wear, scratch, and corrosion resistance. This elevates the durability above and beyond general coating methods, including electroplating and other PVD processes. Richconn's new PVD finish technique ensures a smoother PVD deposition coating with exceptional scratch resistance, surpassing other PVD methods.

Richconn Custom PVD Metal Treatment Coating Characteristics and Application Guide

No.CoatingMaterialColorCoating Thickness
Coating Hardness
Coefficient of Friction
Antioxidant Temperature
Coating Properties
Applicable ToolApplication
1PLTNTiNgolden1~4~22000.45~550Impact and abrasion resistancePunching rods, taps, diesCarbon steel, alloySuitable for a wide range of applications
2PLCNTiCNgray blue1~4~30000.35~450High smoothness and lubricityFine Blanking, Taps, DiesCarbon steel, alloySuitable for the drawing of hardware stamping tools
3TiXCo3ATiSiNBronze1~3~45000.55~1100High hardness milling, high temperatureDry milling drills and turning toolsAlloy, high hardening steelDry machining 45~65HRC
4TiXCo4ATiSiNdark grey1~4~45000.55~1200High hardness, high temperatureDry milling drills and turning toolsAlloy, high hardening steelMachining 50~70HRC
5PLNBTiSiNXGorgeous orchid1~3~45000.50~1100High hardness milling cutter, high temperature resistantDry milling drills and turning toolsHighly hardened steel, stainless steelSuitable for ultra-hard dry cutting
6PLATAlTiNpurple black1~3~40000.60~900High temperature resistance, abrasion resistanceMilling, Drilling, HobbingPlain steel, stainless steelCutting and milling stainless steel with hardness below 50HRC, milling
7PLTiXZrN+champagne1~3~20000.40~550Anti-adhesion, heat resistanceMicrodrilling and milling toolsAluminum, magnesium, copper alloys, titanium alloysWidely used light alloy cutting
8ALoCa-AATiSiNgray black1~3~35000.45~950High hardness cutting and milling, high temperatureMilling and drilling toolsTitanium alloy, 316 stainless steelMachining 33~52HRC
9ALoCa-CAlTiSiNgray black1~4~35000.45~950High hardness cutting and milling, lubricationMilling and drilling toolsAlloy, 316L Stainless SteelMachining 45~55HRC
10PLAXAlCrXNgray black1~5~36000.50~850Impact resistance, abrasion resistanceMoulds, milling toolsCarbon steel, alloyMachining ≤50HRC
11PLD2a-C:H:Xblack1~3~25000.1~400Low friction, corrosion resistanceMolds, sliding partsComposite, aluminum alloy, copper non-ferrous light metal processingSelf-lubricating, high wear resistance
12PLCRCrNsilvery white1~2~20000.5~700Anti-adhesion and mold releaseMolds, Hardware PartsCopper-aluminum lightweight alloyAnti-staining corrosion protection, powder, hardware molds
13PLACAlCrXNgray black1~4~35000.45~900High hardness and wear resistanceMilling and drilling toolsCarbon steel, alloy≤55HRC milling machining hardware stamping, plastic molds

Our Wholesale Professional PVD Coating Service Equipment

pvd plating process
pvd plating process
pvd coating system
pvd coating system
pvd coating process
pvd coating process

Our Custom PVD Coating Service Types

We can accept all kinds of color pvd coating requirements, whether it is the common gold, blue, green, purple or rainbow color, chameleon color, we can meet your requirements.

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