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Analysis of the Advantages and Characteristics of 4-axis Machining Center Processing

At present, there are many methods and equipment used in machining centers, among which CNC four-axis machining centers are a more common machining method. Initially, three-axis machining was generally used. In terms of performance, function and adaptability, 4-axis machining is better. Next, RICHCONN will follow you to understand the performance and processing characteristics of the 4 axis CNC machining center.

The performance of 4-axis machining

Although 4 axis CNC machining is now very common in the industry, there is not much theoretical data in the development process, so various problems are often encountered in practical applications, such as tool problems, which will also affect the overall equipment efficiency. Four-axis machining centers are mainly divided into two types: horizontal and vertical. The two types have their own characteristics. Generally, if the application is horizontal, then a B axis can be added to the Y axis. The programming method is similar to the 3 axis; it can rotate 4 sides to achieve the highest precision requirements. Compared with three-axis, four-axis is generally used for the needs of three-axis machine tools that cannot be processed, such as parts that cannot be processed by depth and angle limits, common fan blades, worms and other products.

The processing characteristics of 4-axis machining

In fact, many 4-axis machining centers have evolved from the CNC milling operation. The difference between them is whether they have the ability to automatically exchange machining tools. The former can complete automatic exchange very well, with automatic tool change in one clamping, and complete various processing functions. In addition, the four-axis machining center can also complete the linkage control of more than three axes, which can better process equipment with complex surfaces.

Four-axis machining centers generally add a rotary axis, usually called the fourth axis. The corresponding machining center is a four-axis machining center. The so-called machining center actually concentrates the comprehensive functions of CNC drilling, tapping and milling, reducing the work procedures such as tool change and clamping when processing complex products, greatly improving production efficiency.

The four-axis machining center is mainly used to process planes, grooves, and curved surfaces. It is the fastest growing product in CNC machine tools and the most widely used machine tool. The machining center is suitable for machining, mold, shipbuilding industry, automobile and parts, aviation aerospace and other fields. Since the machining center is involved in the fields of national security such as military industry and aerospace, some developed countries regard the development of high-end machining centers as their primary task, and believe that the development of machining centers is directly related to the country's economic construction and national defense security.

To sum up, the four-axis machining center is a high-efficiency and high-precision CNC machine tool. It only needs one clamping to complete the processing of multiple processes. At the same time, it also has a complete tool function and automatic tool change function.

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