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Flexible CNC Lead Times - Save Money with Longer Lead Times

From now on, you have the flexibility to choose your CNC delivery times and thus determine your own delivery dates and costs for your CNC parts. As part of the Flexible Manufacturing option, our lead times of 6 to 12 days offer you a lower price - and you'll still receive your parts faster than most other suppliers.

Of course, you can still choose standard delivery with as little as 3 days notice, or, for urgent projects, our Rapid Manufacturing service if you need parts within a day. Simply choose the best delivery time for your project.

Same service, same quality

Of course, even with more cost-effective manufacturing options, you can benefit from the same automated CNC machining services (including feasibility analysis), the same choice of materials, and the same quality of parts as our free quote service. The only difference is the delivery time.

How it works

Our free consultation service platform gives you complete control over your CNC machining project. Please proceed as follows:

Upload your CAD file to the quotation system
 Enter the required material and part quantities
 Display the different delivery times and the corresponding costs
 Select the desired delivery date
 You will then receive a free quote from us, including a feasibility analysis of your 3D design.
 If your design is feasible, just place the order and we will do the rest!


About our CNC machining services

We use 3 Axis machining and 5 Axis CNC machining for rapid prototyping, producing small batches of end-use plastic and metal parts. We also use power tooling (a combination of turning and milling capabilities) to produce cylindrical parts from metal rods.

Using our new e-commerce platform, you can easily add threads to your interactive products, such as in the form of self-locking and helical threaded inserts. Our automated design analysis allows you to adjust difficult-to-machine features before you put the part into production, eliminating costly rework later in product development.

We stock more than 30 technical plastics and metals for a variety of applications and industries. These include plastics such as ABS, polycarbonate, nylon and PEEK, and metals such as aluminum, stainless steel, magnesium and copper.

See for yourself today and upload a CAD file for a free quote, including a feasibility analysis.

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