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What Is the Threading Method for CNC Machining Centers?

Tapping is a common method in CNC machining technology

It is generally used in the machining of small-diameter threads, but its precision is relatively poor. Therefore, if high precision is required, tapping should be avoided. To ensure the application of tapping, appropriate drill hole should be selected with corresponding drill diameter, and the diameter tolerance of the bottom hole of the thread can be coordinated with each other, which can effectively reduce the workload of tapping in subsequent work and reduce the probability of damage to the tap in actual machining. The damage of the tap is mainly due to the difficulty in forming a coordination relationship with the material being machined when the tap is in contact with it, which can easily cause damage to the tap or reduce its durability. At present, the most widely used taps in actual production are through-hole taps and blind-hole taps. Reasonable selection should be made according to the requirements of thread processing in production.

The application of extraction processing method is relatively rare in actual production and is generally used as an emergency measure in the absence of thread milling tools and taps. It is usually applied in the situation where large thread holes need to be made in the box parts, and boring and tapping processing is needed with the help of thread turning tool and boring rod. In the process of OEM precision CNC machining, the rotation speed of the spindle should be paid attention to, and effective control should be carried out for the delay and other phenomena that are prone to occur before the rotation of the spindle, so as to avoid affecting the threading processing due to improper rotation speed. In the processing of multi-rod, the position between the rod should be ensured to keep the corresponding position consistent with the slot to avoid disorderly processing and affect the final processing effect of the finished product. In the processing method, one-shot extraction should be avoided as much as possible, and multi-cutting operation should be processed to better improve the effect of threading.

Research on CNC machining technology and processing methods is very important

In order to better improve the level of CNC machining technology, attention should not only be paid to the upgrading of mechanical CNC software and hardware systems and the corresponding personnel competence, but also to the research of CNC technology and machining methods of the machine.

The automation and intelligence of CNC machine tools can reduce the influence of machining accuracy caused by artificial operation, but the machining system error of the machine itself cannot be avoided. Different machining processes can be adopted according to the quality standards, component composition, performance characteristics, appearance shape and actual situation of different parts in production to minimize the generation of machining errors from the initial stage of part machining and match the machining process with part machining.

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