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sheet metal polishing
sheet metal polishing

Metal Polishing Services

We follow the industry's strict standards and offer metal polishing finishes, including options with varying roughness from 36 to 240. Our polishing services are available for a variety of metals, including stainless steel, steel, copper, brass, bronze, and aluminum. Our metal polishing work is used in a wide variety of applications such as components, decorative items, recreational products, and threads.

About Polishing Services of Shenzhen Richconn Technology Co.

Founded in 2008, Richconn Technology Limited has 16 years of experience specializing in providing professional metal finishing and polishing services to metal dealers, metal fabricators, architects and designers. We pride ourselves on our consistent quality, reliability and customer service, which means our customers benefit from industry-leading metal finishing and unrivaled service standards.

Why Does Metal Need to be Polished?

Metal polishing is an important process to improve the appearance, performance and functionality of metal products. It eliminates defects, improves corrosion resistance, improves lubricity, meets sanitary standards, and increases conductivity and coating adhesion. Metal polishing has a wide range of applications for decorative items, automotive parts, medical devices, food processing and electronics. Different polishing methods and roughness can be selected as per the requirement.

Richconn's Metal Polishing Capabilities

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a very common metal, and polishing enhances its appearance, increases rust resistance, and gives it a more attractive surface texture. Stainless steel polishing is commonly used for kitchen appliances, decorative items and building materials.


Copper is a metal with a unique appearance and good electrical conductivity. Polishing improves the luster of copper for jewelry, utensils, sculptures and electronic connectors.


Aluminum polishing improves its appearance, reduces its weight and improves its corrosion resistance. Aluminum polishing is widely used in aviation, automotive, bicycle parts and outdoor furniture.


Steel polishing improves its appearance, corrosion resistance and rust resistance, making it suitable for industrial machinery, building structures and cutting tools.


Chrome polishing provides a shiny appearance and increased corrosion resistance, and is commonly used for automotive parts, faucets, and home equipment.


Brass polishing improves its golden appearance and is used for decorative items, musical instruments, plumbing and hardware.


Nickel polish provides a metallic texture and improves appearance and is often used for home decor and electrical accessories.


Bronze polishing enhances its surface brightness and is used in sculptures, monuments, clocks and decorative items.


Titanium is commonly used in aerospace, medical implants and sports equipment. Polishing improves its appearance, reduces weight and increases corrosion resistance.


Zinc polishing is commonly used for decorative items, building materials and some industrial products.

Nickel-silver alloy

This is a shiny, glossy alloy when polished and is used in musical instruments, metalware and decorative items.

Metal Polishing Services in Richconn

Metal polishing not only enhances aesthetics, it also improves functionality.

Richconn has been specializing in metal polishing services for over 16 years, working with some of the world's best-known companies in aerospace and defense, construction, commercial food, medical, and many other fields.

We rely on state-of-the-art manual lathes and rotary metal polishing equipment to provide parts with a rough to fine finish up to a #4 brush finish. Our exceptional metal polishing services meet the needs of multiple industries.

We offer metal polishing finishes in grit sizes from 36 to 240 to meet high industry standards. We cover a wide variety of metals including stainless steel, steel, copper, brass, bronze, and aluminum. Whether it's components, decorative items, recreational products or threads, our metal polishing services are widely used.

We welcome you to contact us today to learn more about our superior metal polishing techniques and processes, or to discuss other collaborative services, including plating, anodizing, electrolytic polishing and painting.

We have an experienced team of professionals trained to provide polishing services for a wide range of common and specialty metals. We are proud to offer our partners a full range of services from metal polishing to electroplating, anodizing, electrolytic polishing and painting.

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