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ShenZhen 2023 Intelligent Manufacturing Expo

Welcome to open the window of Guangdong ShenZhen Intelligent Manufacturing Expo, which will gather a number of smart manufacturing industry events in ShenZhen in 2023. The participating enterprises of ShenZhen Intelligent Manufacturing Expo will come from many countries and regions around the world. At that time, many well-known brands will appear to Display cutting-edge products, technologies and innovative solutions. Guangdong Intelligent Manufacturing Expo is a platform for enterprises to explore the smart manufacturing market, and an exchange and procurement conference with the theme of smart manufacturing industry, The Smart Manufacturing Expo will lead ShenZhen's smart manufacturing industry to make continuous breakthroughs and upgrades. During the 2023 exhibition, it is planned to hold on-site exciting activities in the intelligent manufacturing industry. The exhibition information in ShenZhen, Guangdong is still being updated. Please pay attention to the window of the exhibition for more information.

Exhibition scope

Intelligent manufacturing, robot, intelligent perception, industrial automation, industrial Internet security, machine learning, machine vision, computer vision, image processing, etc.

Intelligent manufacturing and industrial internet exhibition area: industrial internet, artificial intelligence technology and application, industrial big data, industrial APP, operating system and industrial software, integrated intelligent manufacturing solutions, intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration projects, industrial robots, high-end CNC machine tools, additive manufacturing equipment, intelligent sensing and control equipment, intelligent detection and assembly equipment, as well as semiconductor manufacturing equipment, SMT technology and equipment Harness equipment, laser equipment, PCB manufacturing equipment, etc.

Industrial intelligent Internet of Things: key intelligent technology of high-end equipment manufacturing industry, core intelligent measurement and control devices and components, intelligent technology manufacturing equipment and major intelligent manufacturing complete equipment, high-end industrial automation, real-time monitoring, sensor technology, virtual product development, simulation technology, cloud computing, data collection and analysis, smart phones and mobile devices.


Laser intelligent manufacturing: laser marking, laser cutting, laser welding, laser carving, laser marking, laser cladding, laser demonstration system, laser heat treatment system, laser cleaning, additive manufacturing and high-performance materials, laser texturing system intelligent laser processing system equipment.


Intelligent manufacturing and technology application: application solutions in electronic information, smart home, automobile manufacturing, intelligent education, aerospace, new energy, medicine/medical treatment, warehousing and logistics, intelligent transportation, telecommunications, public security, smart grid, intelligent water and other industries.

Exhibition Service

ShenZhen Haifeiou Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

Main business: exhibition industry booth design and construction.

Why visit

Visit process: pre-registration → confirmation by the organizer → admission during the exhibition (on-site registration).

Participate in Smart Manufacturing Expo to find new customers, understand new trends and grasp new business opportunities.

Gather exhibitors and omni-channel buyers in the intelligent manufacturing industry to open up the intelligent manufacturing market in 2023; Including the whole line of products and solutions in the upstream and downstream of the supply chain, covering the entire industrial chain of the intelligent manufacturing industry.

The exhibitors of Smart Manufacturing Expo come from many countries and regions around the world, bringing fresh and cutting-edge products from all over the world to the Smart Manufacturing Expo site. 

At the same time, we will hold professional and exciting on-site activities, invite experts and authorities in the field of intelligent manufacturing to jointly interpret and explore the future development trend of the intelligent manufacturing industry, and build a broad platform for business matching and interactive cooperation for the business expansion needs of global intelligent manufacturing enterprises through all-round and in-depth exchanges.

Why participate

Exhibition process: pre-registration → platform docking → viewing pictures and selecting places → signing exhibition contract → paying fees.

1. Guangdong Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Fair, which opens the intelligent manufacturing market channel and collects cutting-edge market information, will lead the target buyers to the exhibitors' booths, help to develop new business opportunities and display the corporate brand image. Famous brands will gather together to display at the same time with the national high-quality intelligent manufacturing channel suppliers. It is a platform for finding agents, new customers, understanding the market and promoting brands.

2. The Smart Manufacturing Expo has gathered professional buyers from all over the world to come prepared to purchase products and find suppliers on the spot. The Expo not only provides opportunities for many international brands to enter the Chinese and Asian markets, but also provides a platform for global procurement for the Chinese market.

3. The opportunity to launch intelligent manufacturing new products and promote new technologies, carry out brand building publicity and improve industry awareness. Each exhibition will focus on the real-time hot spots of the industry, display cutting-edge products and technologies and innovative solutions, gather industry authorities and experts, check the future development trend, and lead the industry to constantly break through and upgrade.

4. The National Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Association, professional intelligent manufacturing channel providers, and local governments form groups to build industrial contacts.

5. Continue to develop new markets, fully cover existing channels, continuously optimize and upgrade, and accurately grasp the trend of intelligent manufacturing market.

6. During the Smart Manufacturing Expo, help you achieve continuous exposure before, during and after the online exhibition. Important reminder: The above is the special investment invitation information for the window of the exhibition for reference only. Online registration is real-time docking with the organizers of the National Intelligent Manufacturing Expo to obtain the detailed information of the exhibition. Please check carefully before visiting the exhibition!

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