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Richconn Expands its Rapid CNC Service with High Performance Aluminum 5083

As the world's leading rapid prototyping companies, we have added Aluminum 5083-H111 (3.3547 or AlMg4.5Mn0.7) to our line of more than 40 in-stock metals and plastics materials for quick turnaround CNC service. This material is often used in extreme environments, as its high magnesium content makes it very resistant to salt water and industrial chemicals.


It is also one of the strongest heat-treated aluminum alloys available, with a good strength-to-weight ratio. It is also weldable, making it ideal for shipping and automotive applications.

Designers simply upload a CAD file to our online portal, select the material and specify a preferred shipping timeframe, choosing either fast 1 to 3 days for standard manufacturing or a flexible 7 to 12 day option. The engineer then receives a quote that includes a feasibility analysis of the 3D design. Since the feasibility is modeled at the time the quote is accepted, we assign the machine and ship the part on time.

By adding this versatile aluminum alloy to our line of stock materials, our customers have more choices in CNC Machining services, whether they need rapid prototyping parts or low-volume end-use parts.

The choice of material for a component depends on its application and desired properties. By adding this aluminum alloy to our line of stock materials, we are providing our customers with a metal that has a good strength-to-weight ratio, is cost-effective, and can operate in harsh environmental conditions. In particular, it offers the potential for faster production times compared to many other suppliers.


Our CNC machining materials include many grades of plastics (ABS, acetal, polycarbonate, nylon and PEEK) and metal alloys (brass, copper, titanium, select stainless steels and aluminum). Our compact CNC material selector is a practical reference to help designers choose the right plastic or metal material for their needs. The selector lists specific material properties such as heat resistance, tensile strength, and hardness to choose the best material for the part application, and includes information on CNC milling and CNC turning suitability.

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