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Case Study 2023: Improving the Yield of Precision Mandrel Parts Products

Customer: miniature aviation connector manufacturer

Part: Micro threading head

Manufacturer: Richconn

Date: Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Case Description (Background)


The customer is engaged in aviation connector brand manufacturers, and previously purchased PO GO PIN production services from Richconn, which basically requires accuracy ± 0.005mm (± 0.127inch), and at the same time electroplating nickel bottom layer plus pure gold (99.9999%) layer. The requirements are particularly high, with a nickel-plating thickness of 1 μm (40 mil) and a gold plating thickness of 3 μm (120 mil). These parts are key components used in the manufacture of high-precision machinery and equipment, and the previous supplier provided parts with a pass rate of 50%, which had a great negative impact on product quality and customer satisfaction. After approaching Richconn, we decided to carry out a comprehensive improvement program to improve the yield of precision mandrel parts.

Manufacturing challenges

Through the communication with Hehe, it was learned that the previous supplier had the following problems:

Production process problems: Some defects in the production process were detected, such as unstable machine operation, inaccurate process parameters, incorrect process arrangement, etc., resulting in a relatively high failure rate of parts.

■Material quality problems: The raw materials provided by some suppliers have not undergone strict inspection and control, resulting in unstable quality, and the pass rate of raw materials affects the pass rate of the final product.

■Manufacturing machine problems: The machines and tools used in the production are not managed and maintained according to the plan, resulting in unstable accuracy, and the pass rate of the final production is not high

■Employee training problems: Some operators have certain misunderstandings or are not familiar with the operation of production processes and equipment, and need to strengthen training.

■The quality control system is not perfect: The company's quality control system is not fully implemented, resulting in loopholes in the quality control in the process, which needs to be further improved to ensure that problems can be found and corrected in time at each production stage.

Solution/ Scheme


1:In response to the previous problems, we have carried out a targeted implementation plan for this type of parts, and improved the product qualification rate from the following points.

2:Solve the optimization of the production process: Conduct a comprehensive review of the production process to identify and solve problems such as unstable machine operation and inaccurate process parameters. Use more advanced production technology and the latest equipment to improve production efficiency and product consistency.

3:Supply chain management: Establish closer cooperation with raw material suppliers, require stable quality raw materials, and establish a traceability and process monitoring mechanism for each batch of raw materials to ensure that raw materials meet requirements.

4:Employee training: Implement a comprehensive staff training plan, including training in production process, equipment operation, quality control, etc. Ensure that every operator has the necessary skills and knowledge.

5:Quality control system: Improve the quality control system, establish a comprehensive testing and monitoring mechanism to ensure effective quality control at every stage of production. Introduce advanced quality management tools and methods to improve the efficiency of problem discovery and resolution.

Implementation Steps

1:Plan and execute: Develop an improvement plan that defines tasks, who is responsible, and a timeline for completion.

2:Implementation and feedback: Conduct a comprehensive review and optimization of the production process.

3:Supply chain management: Negotiate with suppliers to improve the quality of raw materials and establish a monitoring mechanism.

4:Internal Management Training: Implement employee training programs to ensure that every operator receives the necessary training.

5:Quality control:Improve the quality control system and introduce advanced quality management tools.

6:Production cycle monitoring: Monitor the effect of improvement, adjust and optimize the improvement plan in time.

End Result


Through the above process, we monitor indicators such as the improvement of pass rate, the reduction of customer complaints, and the improvement of production efficiency, and evaluate the effectiveness of the improvement plan. Regular internal audits and external certifications are conducted to ensure the stability and sustainable improvement of the quality management system. Finally, the pass rate of the products submitted to the customer after assembly increased to 98%, and the customer feedback was excellent.

If you have precision mandrel products, high-precision parts with a diameter of less than 0.2mm and a hardness of more than 60HRC that need to be processed, please contact us and we will provide you with the service that meets your expectations.


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