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Custom Online 3D Printing Service

Custom Online 3D Printing Service

Custom online 3D printing services for rapid prototyping and production parts. Upload your designs and start a new 3D printing quote from our online platform today!

  • Precise 3D printed parts at an affordable price

  • A wide range of material and finishing options

  • Responsive technical support and professional design guide

Efficient and Cost-effective Online 3D Print Models Services

Our 3d printing prototype offers high-quality & efficient processes for manufacturing high precision 3D printed parts at low cost, with timely delivery and fast turnaround, from prototyping to functional production parts.

Create & Customize. Simplify & Save.

Our intelligent quotation platform for online 3D printing services helps to simplify your ordering and manufacturing process. Quote today and everything can be operated at your fingertips!

3D Printing Solutions from Prototyping to Production

Our 3D print on demand services help to move your designs and prototypes to production parts with shorter lead times. Optimize product levels and bring them to market faster.

Concept Models

3D printing is the best solution to let product developers produce multiple design iterations in the short term.

Rapid Prototyping

Richconn offers fast 3D prints manufacturing processes that can be used to create prototypes efficiently and affordably. Rapid prototyping speeds up product development cycles!

Production Parts

The high precision and consistency of 3D Printed Parts make it the best way to quickly create intricate production parts without costly tooling.

Available Materials for 3D Printing

Want to create custom prototypes and parts with desired mechanical properties, functionality, and aesthetics? Select the right material for your end parts!


PLA is a popular material with the advantages of ease of use, biodegradability, and a wide range of colors. It is commonly used for prototyping and general-purpose applications.


Known for its strength, durability, and impact resistance, ABS is commonly used for functional prototypes, automotive parts, and consumer products.


It is a versatile material with excellent strength, great flexibility, and strong resistance to wear. It is commonly used for functional prototypes, mechanical parts, and industrial applications.

Other metal and plastic materials for 3D printing

Why Choose Richconn for 3D Printing?

Endless Options

Richconn, a 3D printing manufacturer, stands out by offering a wide range of materials and methods for 3D printing. You can choose the most suitable one for your specific application, whether it's for prototyping, functional parts, or end-use products.

Strong Capabilities

Richconn lies in cutting-edge technologies with access to a diverse range of printers, such as FDM, SLA, SLS, DMLS, etc. Experienced experts help to refine your designs, improve manufacturability, and achieve the best possible outcome. High-quality products for better customer satisfaction!

Fast Turnaround Times

Richconn prioritizes efficiency and utilizes digital platforms to streamline the processes to ensure quick turnaround times without compromising on quality.

Competitive Pricing

No longer hard to estimate the cost of your project! Richconn offers transparency in pricing and ensures that it fits within your budget.

3D Printed Parts Display

Below are some of the finished 3D printed parts we have made for our customers, high quality comes from high standards.

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